Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll Never Do This Again ...

When you are hurt, your first response will be to never, ever put yourself in the same position again to be hurt.  This is a natural response to pain.  When a small child gets burned by a candle, they won't go near them again.  But, remember, the candle gives off light (love), and we all need light in our lives.  You will say, though, during the healing stages, "I will never do this again! Ever!".  This statement is also part of the healing of your broken heart.  Just remember, that you need to be loved, and that some day you will find it if you keep looking.

Don't Try To Stop Thinking About Them ...

Don't try to stop thinking about the other person; contrary to popular thought, that will only keep the embers burning.  If you stuff your thoughts of them, you will not heal.  If you have thoughts about them, let them bubble up.  Let the pain of the loss surface as well.  Without this process, you will not be able to get over them.  Accept that you have broken up, and they are GONE.

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