Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What To Do While You Are Picking Up The Pieces ...

Maybe you can't do much for yourself at the present time, but it is a sure fire thing that you can lend a helping hand to someone else:

-    Volunteer in a soup kitchen, at a kids club, your church, or visit friends who are ill or in need.  As soon as you help someone else, you aren't spending so much time with your own mind, and negative thoughts.

-    Get a massage, go for a walk, visit friends who care about you.

-    Go away for a week-end and air out your head.

-    Get a pet.  Maybe you lost your partner, but a pet can love you unconditionally.  No matter what, pets are a wonderful source of love.  And, with your broken heart, you do need love.

-    Take a course in something that you've been interested in.  As you go through your grief, you have to remind yourself that life moves on.  You also need to move on into the next chapter of your life.  Explore new passions.
Lastly, remember ..... Yesterday is gone, live for today; love yourself today; feel for today.  Finding love and loosing love, is all part of the journey ...

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